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September 29, 2012
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Ghost!ItalyXInsane!Reader: Buried Alive

" 'Then the darkness loomed close against my skin,
snuffling out even the evil whining to those damning lips,
driving all sensibility into retreat,
in a mad rush in the center of the soul of Hades..'

I forever dream,within a dream
of a certain city in the sea.
As I walk the valley of unrest,
behind this mask of crimson death.."

My eyes looked straight ahead at the grave in front of me. It was a foggy day,mid-fall,and the air was just starting to blow. Slowly,I leaned forward and touched the tombstone,looking at the name once again for the millionth time,as if to try and prove once more that he wasn't dead.

"Feli.."I muttered quietly,talking as if he was there.

He used to be my friend. I meet him when I was little. He actually looked like a girl back then. I giggled as I remembered him running around in that dress that someone had made him wear.

Me and him became friends quickly,and we grew to become best friends.

And I started liking him more then a friend...

We grew up together...

The childish games soon become all seriousness. Sleepovers like old times were looked down upon. I couldn't understand why. But everyone disobeys..

And we did..

We used to sneak off together,me usually being the one to convince him. We would run off into the woods together,playing around like we were kids again. The monsters that stole happiness became the adults,at least,in our minds. I actually felt happy again being near him.

But the runs kept continuing. They even grew more frequent. It seemed that everytime we had a free chance,we would dash off together,hidden beneath the dark leaves and shadows of the woods.

And we didn't mind. The adults always thought we were innocent. We stayed out in the woods for long amounts of time,refusing to beat time and stay forever with each other.

But it would always come to an end eventually. The sun would set and since he was paranoid,Feliciano had always begged me to come home. So I did. This kept repeating itself.

Yet...I didn't expect something like this to happen...

"I long for a loss of breath,
and a most dire predicament.
Murders in the rue morgue.
Silence and shadows are what I adore.

Well I can't explain how this feels!
the thoughts of my premature burial!
Inside this oblong box I lie,
with the hopes I'll be buried alive.."

The day was a normal one. School had just released and me and Feliciano ran down an old dirt road,out to the woods. We played and talked as we usually did,but something felt different. The atmosphere was filled with dread,tension,and nervousness.

Feliciano had seemed nervous. I looked over at him and could tell something was wrong.

"Feli,whats the matter?"I asked.

"O-Oh..its nothing.."he said.

"Feli...tell me now.."I said.

"You're gonna have to catch me first!"He said,getting up and running.

I giggled and followed him.

We ran for quite some time,and I enjoyed it. Eventually he stopped and turned to me.

"You really want to know what it is?"he asked.

"Yeah.."I said,stopping a few feet away from him.

""he said,then looking away as if embarrassed.

My eyes widened some and I giggled. The truth was that I loved him too. So I walked over closer to him and kissed his cheek.

"I love you too Feli~!"I said,smiling.

He blushed more and stumbled back in surprise. But that stumble would be his death. Had we paid any attention we would have noticed how the ground slumped down behind him.

And when he stumbled,he fell...

And fell.....

And fell.............

I ran to the edge of the slumping ground and watched in horror as he fell down,hitting absolutely anything that could cause him injury. I was too frozen  in fear and worry to try and help him.

And then it stopped. His body finally hit the bottom on the slump. But he didn't move. He didn't make a sound.

The worry in me grew as I carefully went down the slump and went over to him. Hesitatingly,I turned him over and gasped.

He was covered in blood. Things stuck out in him,like sticks with sharp ends and rocks that had lodged themselves into him. But I already knew that he was dead.

"N-No...Feli.."I said.

And something in me seemed to have snapped. Sanity?Maybe..Love?Definitely...Happiness loss?Exactly...

And my frown and tears soon turned to a smirk and giggle.I sat there with him. You bet I wasn't gonna leave and let his corpse get eaten by animals.

But,I hadn't notice time go by so fast. Soon it was nighttime and I could hear the sounds of the monsters as they looked for me. But I stayed with him,laying by him,wondering how it would feel to roll down that slump of a hill.

"There she is!"One of them said.

"W-What happened??"Another cried,looking from the top of the slump.

And everyone saw him laying there,dead.And they saw me,laying next to him,alive and well,holding his hand and talking to him as if he were still there.

"The oval portrait upon the wall,
will someday cause this house to fall.
The power of words,left unsaid.
As I join the spirits of the dead.

I can't explain just how this feels!
The thoughts of my premature burial!
Inside this oblong box I lie,
With the hopes I'll be buried alive.."

They thought I was crazy. They thought I had killed him. They were wrong.I loved Feliciano so much that it killed me everyday to wake up and know he wasn't there.

But,they still held their beliefs,and locked me up in a mental hospital. But it wasn't too long before I saw you again. A ghost like figure of you started appearing with me.

I remember when I first noticed it...

It was at your funeral..


The day was dark and gloomy,rain pouring.

I watched as they slowly laid you down into the grave,coffin sealed tight. Everyone eventually left but I saw you. I stayed there by your grave and   saw you again.

It was you,but paler then usual. A small smile on your face.

"Hello again _________.."he said.

"Feli...How are you alive...? Your body is down there.."I said,pointing to his grave.

"I didn't truly leave bella..I'm more of a...spirit or ghost now.."He said.

"so...does this mean I really am crazy..?"I asked.

"No _______! You're not crazy! You just...we've always been able to see things that others can't.."he said,looking at me,eyes opened,just so I could get lost in those honey-colored eyes of his.

We stood there for a while,not knowing what to say to the other. But soon something happened.

"Eh.._______,I should be leaving now.."he said.

"I-I'll see you again,right?"I asked.

"Of course!"He said,smiling.

I smiled.

"Alright...then I shall patiently wait for your return.."I said.

--(flashback end)--

"'You've been gifted down,
Down to a place of blackness,and dampness and silence..

Well I'm the man who's
used up,
washed up,
bricked up."

I did see you again. You came to my room every day in the mental hospital. We would talk again,and people thought I was talking to myself.

But I knew he was there..

He would always be there...

But one day he didn't come. So I waited,but he never showed up. Not a sound nor sight of him.

I stared getting really worried and I started attacking the doctors everytime they opened the door to my room. I just had to see you! Just one more time was all I needed!

Descent into,

Eventually,they locked me in a white,padded room. I scratched the walls,wanting to get out. Needing to get out.

"Feli.."I whispered,even though I knew you weren't there.

I cried more often. Simple things would just make me start crying,or lashing out and people who tried to help me. I felt lost..

I was lost in him..

I would die without him here..

I would die...

"Bet the devil
my head,

Heart under the floorboards,
beats for,

So one day,when the doctors had locked everything down,I sneaked out.It was pretty easy to say the least. So it left me wondering why they didnt have better security.

But I didn't stop to think about it too long as I ran out to the woods.

I heard him...

What he was saying,I don't know,but he was talking about something.

"Feli! F-Feli!!"I cried,looking around to find where his voice came from.

"Over here ________~"came the voice again.

"I cant explain just how this feels!
The thoughts of my premature burial!
Inside this oblong box I lie!
With the hopes I'll be buried alive!"

Out of instinct,I ran to the sound of his voice.His voice sounded more playful this time. More happy.

I ran for what felt like eternity before I was at the slump. I stopped just before slipping and looked down. But nothing was there..

"Hello _________~ Lets play again,shall we?"I heard him say from behind me.

And the world seemed to be in slow motion as I was pushed forward and fell down the slump. Every tumble I could feel pain. But not just my pain,his pain too..

I landed at the bottom,but instead of ground there was a hole dug there,in which I fell into.

I heard giggle and laughter come as I strained my eyes to look up and I saw him.

"F-Feli..?"my voice sounded hoarse.

"Si bella~ Its me...I've come to take you home.."he said.

"H-Home..?"I asked.

"Yes...Home,where you could be with me.."he said,starting to shovel dirt down in the hole.

I smiled at the thought of going home,being with Feliciano again. So I stayed there, and let him bury me alive...I wasn't afraid of him,or death..

"I can't explain just how this feels..
The thoughts of my premature burial..
Inside this oblong box I lie..
With the hopes I'll be buried alive.."

And I opened my eyes and saw him,smiling at me.

"Feliciano!"I said,running over and hugging him.

"Its so good to see you again ________.."He said,hugging back.

"W-What happened..?"I asked.

"We're dead....the cruel fate has decided to let us die young...but at least we wont have to feel pain anymore.."he said.

"Nope..Just you and me together.."I said.

And that's how it is,and how it will be forever.

Me and Feliciano..

In the woods,at the bottom of our little slump.

Together forever...

And I didnt mind at all...
Here is another Reader insert!! This one with Italy! ^^

The song in here is called "Buried Alive" by Creature feature..

Here's the lyrics for those interested:[link]

Anyway,I hope you enjoy this story! It was really fun to write!
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